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The mission of SnowAngel is to perpetuate the memory of Jamie Snow through promoting vehicle safety education with an emphasis on the dangers of reclining seats.

This mission arises from the needless death of our daughter. Jamie died in a minor, survivable car accident simply because she had her seat reclined. With her seatbelt fastened, she reclined the front seat to nap on the way home from school. Upon impact, she was thrown forward to the shoulder harness, the reclined seat came forward and hit her in the head with such force that she died of severe brain trauma. The driver had only a broken thumb. If the seat had not been able to recline while the car was in motion, we believe Jamie Snow would be alive today.

The general public is not aware of the dangers associated with this innocent act. Safety organizations have been concerned about reclining seats since the mid-1970s. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration feels that a warning in the owner's manual is sufficient. We disagree. Educating the public about the dangers of reclining the front passenger car seat, while a vehicle is in motion, is our mission. We have created a DVD that is available free to any interested group. It features a scenario based on Jamie's accident and footage of actual accident survivors. Please contact us if you would like further information, want to share your story or have any comments.
In loving memory of Jamie Snow
Buckle Tight and Sit Upright
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