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Thank you for your kind email. It is both encouraging and angering that there are other people out there that have gone through the same thing. It is frustrating to know that the media attention lasts for a while and then dissipates and the auto companies weather the storm back to business as usual. Have you thought of any way that may create real change in this design defect? Answers For Sarah

From Prashant...
I am truly sorry to hear about your daughter. I too was involved a in a terrible reclining seat accident. Please feel free to contact me - I look forward to talking to you.

From Meg… I lost my Dad on September 3, 2003 in a car accident. My mother was driving and fell asleep at the wheel. My dad was resting, seat reclined. The car went over the edge and rolled down an embankment. My mom survived, but my dad suffered too many internal injuries. They were less than 2 hours from home.

They were driving a Toyota Tundra with an enclosed back. My dad was sleeping with his seatbelt on and the seat reclined - I imagine not a great deal. He had his fleece pull over his face so he could sleep. When the car rolled they landed upside down. They were both hanging. While my mom was able to unbuckle and get out, my dad's last words were "Help me I can't get out." I think he died on the way to the hospital. I believe the trauma to his body was so sever that that is what killed him. I think this is because his seat was reclined that the belt acted more like a whip, and repeatedly hit him with force.

My brother was the one that pointed out right after the accident that he thought my Dad died because his seat was reclined. I never ever thought about it until this happened. I was so very happy to find your site, as I feel that not enough people know.

I came across your site tonight and am interested in keeping in touch through the site, and finding ways I can contribute to spreading the word.

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