From Joe…
I saw your story this morning I am a firefighter in Macon GA, If there is anything I can do to help please let me know, I see this type of situation a lot, and its time as you say to correct it

From Kellie… I saw Jamie's story on the Early Show this morning and was totally shocked. I'm sure you're flooded with emails such as this one right now, so I'll try to be brief. I think this is definitely an issue that needs to be brought into the light, as everyone I mentioned this to today had no idea of the danger! I commend you on your success thus far and wish you good luck with future endeavors. I can't imagine what it's like to lose someone so bright and full of life so suddenly and tragically. Honestly, I never want to find out. That's why I'd like to do what I can to help. I am in graduate school in Mississippi and I have many friends at my alma mater in Louisiana. I'm still active in campus organizations for both univerisities and would love to be a liason between you and them to help raise seat belt awareness in the southern US. Please let me know if I can be of help.

From Heather… Hello there. I just wanted to Thanks You for telling your story on TV. This information is of great help. I used to let my son recline his set belt to, so he can rest. I'm so glad you had the time and strength to put this on TV and create a foundation to help others. I have only one child and as it look for right now that is all I'll have. He is 10. I'll pass your information on to others I know that has kids. Again Thank you.

From Barbara… I woke up on a regular day. I do not normally watch the news. I reach to change the station when your story came on the Early Show. My heart melted. I was late for work, but I told everyone that I worked with that day about your story. I had one negative respond where a lady said she reclines her 5-years-old daughter seat back alot when she falls asleep. "She would have a sore neck if I didn't." So I told her the important parts of my story.

I was coming home with a friend from college (15-miles). She was driving because I do not have my license. It was a rainy day, but not hard. I always get sleepy when it rains. I reclined my seat just a little back. She went to stop at a stop sign, when there was a 5 cars (including us) collision in the back. My head hit the dash board and I was the only one who had on a seatbelt. I now suffer seizures, it broke my nose, and I believe it affects me wanting my license. My saying was that, "I had only my seatbelt. I do not understand that." Now I know.

No one had told me to recline my sear, I just copied others. There has been many times that I still reclined my seat back when traveling long distances. Not long ago, I was 8 hours away from home and I had my seat reclined. I realized that if we get into an accident and the car flip, I could fall out because I was not supported in my seatbelt. Thanks so much because I did not know. If you have any flyers to post, I would love to do that. Your family is in my prayers. I hope that invent something to prevent this from happneing again.

From Sandra… I am sending this THANK YOU to Jamie's parents who made me aware of the danger of driving and allowing my 10 year old son to recline his seat. I am so sorry for there loss but would like them to know that I heard the message and that message very well may have saved my sons life. I will never again allow him to recline his seat which I have many times in the past.....never giving it any thought.

From Jennifer… I saw an interview last fall on an early morning show with the Pannebecker's discussing their campaign. The interview has stuck in my head and last month I decided to do a H&S moment (something our company sends out twice a month) on it. Just to let you know - everyone in our company of 600 will/has receive this article and will have the opportunity to find out about the Snow Angel Foundation. Thank you for educating us and I hope the article helps in creating public awareness of this issue!

From Kelly… I just read your story in the St. Louis Post Dispatch and all I can say is "thank you". I am guilty of often allowing my 8-year old son to nap in the front seat on our way to the babysitter's each morning. While I've heard warnings regarding air bags and proper restraints, I have never even considered the danger of a reclined seat. You are doing a great thing in spreading this message. God bless.

From Mike…Hi, I just saw your site. As a trauma surgeon for over 25 years I have
seen numerous fatal injuries in children and adults due to the seat belt riding high above the pelvis - this usually results in severe liver injuries. Another problem, sleeping in the back seat with a seat belt on, actually lying down over several seats with a seat belt on can result in fatal intra-abdominal injuries.

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